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Disney Plus


Lucy Heavens, Nic Smal


Kimiko Glenn, Michael Croner, Eric Bauza


Animation, Short, Adventure,  Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical​


The series follows Kiff, an optimistic squirrel whose best intentions often lead to complete chaos, and her best friend Barry, a sweet and mellow bunny. Set in the bustling mountains, where animals and magical creatures live together in harmony, the series features the duo, who take the town by storm with their endless adventures and zest for life.


Dubbing Cast & Crews

Korean Dubbing Talents

Dubbing Director

Hyewon Jung

Changmin Lee

Mina Lee

Sanghun Park

Soojung Hong

Banseok Seo

Bumki Hong
Hajin Park

Mi Jang

Sangjun Lee

Kyeonghun Kang

Pilhyon Ahn

Trailer & Video

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