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Earth To Ned

Disney Plus


Bruce Leddy, Tom Stern


Paul Rugg, Allan Trautman, Morgana Ignis, Donna Kimball, Michael Oosterom, Drew Massey, Nicolette Santino, Colleen Smith, Kevin Clash, Greg Ballora


Comedy, Sci-Fi, Talk-Show


Ned, a blue-skinned alien and his lieutenant Cornelius, who were sent to scout Earth for an eventual invasion - but instead became obsessed with our popular culture. Now, they host a talk show.


Dubbing Cast & Crews

Korean Dubbing Talents

Hyunwook Kim

Jinwook Hong

Hana Choi

Soyoung Lee

Janghyuek Ahn

Haeri Jeon

Eunah Kim

Uihan Jeong

Seunghoon Choi

Minkyu Lee

Chaeheon Lim

Yoonsang Kwak

Changyoung Hwang

Yena Jang

Seunghee Yoon

Soojung Hong

Changwook Kwon

Hyesung Kim

Jihyun Lee

Dubbing Director

Kyeonghun Kang

Trailer & Video

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