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Kitti Katz Season 1.jpg

Kitti Katz



Ed Bignell


Brianna Price, Shvorne Marks, Ami Okumura Jones


Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy


An animated action-comedy series about TABS and her friends' KIA and ZAMI as they magically transform between super-cat-girls and adorable kittens to battle evil spirit goddess of the underworld, ANUBIA. In order to save the world, they've got to first find the ANUBIA GEMSTONE from which Anubia's spirit has escaped, free the SPIRIT CATS from the evil spell they're under - collecting the magic from their gems and returning them to regular cats and finally imprison Anubia back in her gemstone and close the portal to the underworld... If they don't succeed it will stay open and the planet will be doomed.


Dubbing Cast & Crews

Korean Dubbing Talents

Yeonu Kim

Garyeong Kim

Bohui Lee

Sinu Kim

Gyeol Choi

Myeongho Lee

Jihyeon Lee

Seonyeong Son

Goun Park

Hyeon Lee

Jinhong Kim

Yeong Yu

Dubbing Director

Eunjung Jeon

Trailer & Video

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